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  • Thank you, Dr. Ann and staff!!!! My cat's blood tests came back quite bad and I thought "Oh man, that's it. My cat's 18 and she's doomed." But Doc Ann was very logical and methodical, so we did all the tests I could afford and found that kitty is quite treatable, without terrible invasive methods, and can maybe be happy for another couple years! So, here's to trying and hoping. Special diet and maybe one pill a day will carry her for a while at the ripe old age. YAY! Now, if I can only get my cat to accept a carrier again, but I doubt that will happen. One surgery elsewhere years ago happened, and ever since, my cat freaks like a wild animal last time I tried to put her in a hard carrier. You'd have to see it to believe it. So I carried her into the vet in my arms and the group was very patient with that. Since my cat Mystic behaves like a lap dog, I'll look into a softer means of carrying her for her following checkups, maybe even a dog purse, LoL. GREAT WORK from the Sterling Vet! Thanks again 🙂

    R Davis

  • My family has been going to Sterling Pointe vet clinic for about seven years. Dr Anne and her Staff have been respectful and kind, SO Knowledgeable and compassionate. We have had 2 Labs, a ShihTzu, and 2 cats. Now we have a new Shih Tzu puppy. Her skills and knowledge saved our puppies life. We are grateful that she knew what to do and was diligent that we followed her instructions. She loves what she does and treats everyone as if they are a good friend. I hope we have many more years at Sterling Pointe vet clinic with Dr Anne.

    Julie Wattier

  • As far as vets go, Dr. Ann and Sterling Pointe Vet Clinic have provided top-notch, professional care to my pets and the pets of many friends.Dr. Ann goes above and beyond to provide amazing care to pets! She is patient, compassionate and caring! She is also extremely knowledgable and answers any and all questions that arise! I highly recommend her and her staff!

    Emily H.