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Several staff members were exposed to COVID19 *last week* and, out if an abundance of caution, will be quarantining tomorrow (July 14th), through July 23rd. We will have minimal, unexposed staff and be limited to 1 doctor until then. Non-emergency appointments will be rescheduled out past July 22nd. Please be kind and send good energy to my amazing staff!


- Dr. Ann



The source of the exposure was not a person that any clients came in contact with.


Veterinary care is an essential part of our community and we want to assure you that our hospital is open and will continue to provide all regular services at this time, as well as surgeries. We also want to work with you and our staff to limit direct contact in order to focus on safety for everyone during this pandemic. Accordingly, we ask that you follow the below steps for the safety of all:


Upon arrival at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle and call us. Do not stand in front of the clinic entrance - this creates an unsafe situation for pets as well as our clients. Your health and safety matters to us! Please wait in your vehicle until we are ready for you.


• After receipt of the call, we will check you in as soon as possible. Once an exam room is ready, you will be called back and you with your pet will be put directly into an exam room by one of our staff members. Check out will be in the same room as your exam, and then you will be escorted out.

ALL CLIENTS WILL BE ASKED TO WEAR A MASK WITHIN THE CLINIC AND EXAM ROOMS. If you forgot a mask, or prefer not to wear one, we will require that you remain in your car while a member of our staff retrieves your pet for their appointment.

• If you are at the hospital to pick up food or medication, please remain in your car and call the front desk. We will deliver your order to your car as quickly as possible.


If you are not feeling well or may be at risk of exposure to coronavirus, please ask a healthy friend or family member to transport your pet to the hospital on your behalf.


• We will do our best to coordinate your visit to the hospital, including providing follow up instructions and taking payments. Payment by credit card or exact cash is accepted. We will not be taking checks at this time. 


Call with questions and concerns.  We are here for you and your family.  


Dr. Ann and Staff


Hello to our wonderful clients,

We are now back to operating almost fully staffed. As of this week (5/4), we will be back to taking appointments for regular well-checks, preventative care, vaccines, dentals, and surgeries! 

Newest information shows that WE can GIVE our PETS Covid-19. We CANNOT GET Covid-19 FROM our pets. If your pet is coughing, please contact us. We will need to run an initial PCR Respiratory screen BEFORE considering testing them for Covid-19. SPVC has access to those tests. As a reminder, the tests we run are not the same as the tests run on people, and we cannot run tests on people.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment! We are continuing to practice social distancing (see instructions below for appointment protocol) and are continuing to follow CDC instructions per sanitizing and cleaning.

Call to make Appointment

If you would like to join us in recognizing our staff, and their above-and-beyond-the-call efforts during this time, please feel free to salute them on: 

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As a reminder, we will no longer be accepting checks after April 15th.


We continue to keep our hospital clean and disinfected, including have increased cleanings in accordance with CDC recommendations to ensure our clients and staff are kept safe. Similarly, hand washing hygiene is critically important in a hospital, a step we continue to emphasize to staff and clients. Any staff member or associate who is not feeling well, or has a family member who is not feeling well understands that we support them staying home.




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